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What We Believe

We believe that it is possible to provide you with individualized portfolio management and run a successful and profitable investment management firm. Our Portfolio Managers have proven it can be done. Our goal is quality, not quantity. We believe success is found and flourishes in quality relationships with the individuals and families for whom we manage money.  We believe the focus should be on what is best for the client, not what is most profitable for the firm.  We believe protecting and growing your money is the most beneficial way to grow assets.  What is good for our client ultimately is what makes us successful. 

We believe that your portfolio managers should invest their monies the same way that they invest your funds. We have been using Point & Figure and Relative Strength analysis to run our families’ and our own portfolios for years. In most cases, the investment process we use today was first used with our own monies before we ever employed the strategy with our clients’ funds. We do not own or use anything with our clients’ funds that we do not or would not use with ours. We know it is your money…but we treat it like it is ours.

We believe in active and adaptable portfolio management. Most investment management and mutual fund firms would lead you to believe that “Buy and Hold” is the proper investment strategy. We believe that in today’s markets you must have the ability to be precise and specific about what you own and when you own it.  You must have a strategy and process that allows you to adapt without changing the long-term strategy and process.

We believe in Offense and Defense. We believe that one of the keys to success over full market cycles is the ability to grow your money when the market conditions are in your favor and being able to adapt to be more protective when market conditions are stacked up against you. Through the use of technical analysis and Point & Figure methodology, we are able to assess when the overall market environment is in our favor and when it is not.

 There is no investment strategy that works perfectly every day. Our process will not exempt you from experiencing short-term pullbacks.  What it does do is give us a “what is” analysis of the supply and demand pressures in the market.  This gives us the data needed to adapt.

We believe that there are times when the best thing you can do with the growth part of your portfolio is to have some of it allocated to cash to protect from losses and to have buying power when more favorable opportunities start to present themselves again. When Risk is low and things are turning in our favor, we want to be more aggressive about growing your money. When Risk is high and things are turning out of our favor, we want to be more defensive and focus on protecting your money. Most importantly, we believe that our long-term success is directly tied to yours. We work every day to be sure that we are making the best decisions given all the influencing factors in our constantly changing world.