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At Capital Portfolio Management, we tailor each investment portfolio to the needs of our client.  We do not drop assets into a pre-made pie chart of diversified mutual funds. Being independently owned allows us the freedom to be able to adapt to whatever our client's need. We build investment portfolios from the client up, not from the company down.

We do this through our collaborative planning process and continual investment management to work to achieve your success, whatever that may look like.

Our investment philosophy combines prudent and active portfolio management of equity, fixed income and cash levels with our guiding market evaluation principle of relative strength.  Evaluating the market through the lens of relative strength allows us to maintain exposure to the strongest areas of the market at any given time, and play offense and defense for our clients when risk levels change.

We have built our investment business by investing for friends and family in the same way we are investing our own funds. Despite enjoying growth in the number of clients we help, we maintain the same investment process today, putting our clients’ money to work alongside our own.

We also take pride in our business philosophy, which allows us to prioritize our clients and their goals.

                 Typical Advisory Business Model

  • Increase revenues by expanding the number of reps/advisors at the firm whose focus is bringing in new assets

  • Open as many accounts as possible

  • Collect as many assets under advisory from wherever possible

  • Use scalable pie chart mutual fund models

                           CPM Business Model

  • Revenues increase as our client's assets increase due to prudent investment portfolio management

  • Focus on fewer clients with a deeper collaborative process of Plan, Invest, Adapt, Succeed

  • Only work with clients who find value in our collaborative planning and investment approach

  • Individual investment management built and adapted around client needs, wants, wishes, and definition of success