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We believe the PLAN should be COLLABORATIVE PLANNING.  Collaborative planning is different than just having a plan.  A plan is a one-time event.  It only allows for the variables that you assign to it at that moment.  It evaluates constants and draws linear conclusions.  Collaborative planning is quite different than a plan.  Collaborative planning is a dynamic process, that when combined with active investment management, creates the ability to adapt to ever-changing variables.  This is the key to success. 

      Traditional Plan/Online Calculator

  • Gather current data

  • Input data to static plan

  • Crunch the numbers

  • Provide the answer

  • Repeat process the next time you feel curious or uncomfortable

                  CPM Collaborative Planning

  • Seek to understand what is important to you

  • Define Needs, Wants, and Wishes

  • Assess current life and financial situation

  • Evaluate current income and expenses

  • Evaluate current investments and Risk versus Reward

  • Create a dynamic, ongoing planning process specifically for you

  • Continue to assess progress to keep you on track for your desired success

  • Incorporate adaptable investment strategy to accomplish goals